Services & Pricing


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General Overview of Services

*** Please note, not all services are listed. If you are wanting to do the trial, head over to the contact page now. It is in the area where you book an appointment.


Let’s face it, whether it’s in person or virtual, you need to make sure you are providing top notch customer service. This is as simple as responding to messages within a certain time frame. Don’t fall behind in this! Contact us to help keep your momentum going!

Maybe you don’t work directly with people, and that’s fine! You still need to make sure your behind the scenes are organized. This can be time consuming and honestly, rather dull. Wouldn’t you like this off your hands? Tasks include: calendar management, email management, and anything else you can think of that uses a lot of your time but has to be done.


One of the most time consuming areas anywhere. You can sit at a computer for hours a day on this portion alone. Luckily for you, this is one of my areas of expertise! From finding you forms, coming up with statistics and facts for your business to finding community events in your area where you could market yourself. Let me take care of this time consuming process while you focus on your brand.


Need a hand with your newsletter, blog, e-book, etc? Each piece of writing is unique, so no quote will be the same. Base pricing are as followed:

Newsletters- $20-$40/each

Blogs- .15/word. Flat rates/packages offered depending on needs.

E-books- Start at $200

Proofreading/Editing Services

Do you already have the content and just need a second pair of eyes? For this new service, it will only cost $3/page. For books, it will switch to an hourly rate.

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Do you have a group on Facebook that could use some attention? Are you running out of things to post? Have a hard time keeping up with the current trends with your group? Look no further, I can help. Schedule a free consultation with me to see where I can help.



The following are monthly flat rates. Custom packages can be created due to needs.

  • “I’m ready”- $150/month. This is perfect for someone that is just starting out with a Virtual Assistant, only have a few projects a month, or wants more freedom than hourly. Limited to General admin & research tasks only.

  • “I’ve done this before”- $375/month. Great if you’ve outsourced before and have a general idea on what you need done. The “specialty” services (blog writing <700 words/2 post, graphics for social media, media kits, printables, etc) come into play with this package. This is still on a very part-time basis for the month (roughly 2-3 hours a week)

  • “Been there, done that”- $720/month. This isn’t your first rodeo. You know what you need done. You still don’t need someone full time, but you need someone at least 20-25 a month.

  • “Take it all”- starts at $1200/month. You want total freedom.The only thing you want to do is approve and keep it moving. This is for those that needs someone full time. Cost may be more depending on workload.