8 Tips to Plan a Mom's Evening (In or Out)

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As a mother, I’m sure it’s hard for you to get out alone, let alone hanging out with friends. Having an evening where we aren’t mothers is a necessity. Let’s say you finally have a chance to get out and hit the town. It’s been forever since you’ve had your favorite girls together, so why not start planning for the perfect gal night out with a few of them? Having these female relationships is essential for us as women, but taking the time to put them in your life can be difficult. 

We know the deal. You and your mom friends are constantly saying you all will make time, but no one ever does. I mean, who really has time to go out when you have a little one you constantly are looking after? Well, it’s time to ditch that excuse! You need time to be you, before you became “just a mom”. 

At a loss on what to do when you go out? Don’t worry, I’ve been there! This is why I’ll be sharing a few easy tips to help you plan the perfect night with your close friends ( in or out depending on what your group wants to do ) 

If your group wants to go out :

  1. Dessert Shops - Nothing says a fun way to enjoy time with your girls than with dessert. Charleston has a lot of dessert shops to choose from, and it’s fun to grab a few different desserts, split them, and enjoy time together. This is the time that you can really enjoy having your cake and eating it .. or a few pieces! 

  1. Signature Drink- These are a must. Find a drink that will go with your party theme. Pinterest is such a great tool for finding a great cocktail drink that many of your girlfriends are going to enjoy. Heck, take the stress of hosting and make the drinks ahead of time so it’s one less thing to worry about when your friends arrive. You can make the drinks, of course, with or without alcohol to make it enjoyable for everyone that is coming. Of course, if you are heading out, make sure to grab a car!

Image: LowCountry Shuttle and Co

Image: LowCountry Shuttle and Co

  1. Car Service- Speaking of grabbing a car, make your job easier on everyone if you are going out and grab a car service to take you to a location with you and your friends. Uber is great for just a small group but if you have about 10-15 girls, you’ll all want to be in one car which can be tricky to do in multiple cars. Why not hire a limo and shuttle company to help you out? A great service in the LowCountry area is called LowCountry Valet and Shuttle Co. They offer all of your transportation and needs no matter where you are going and not only give you the option of a limo but even a fun vintage car, shuttle bus and more! Their fleet sizes are all wonderful to choose from and their customer service is there to help answer all questions or concerns you have. There are many reviews that are on their website that speak of their promptness, cost and share why they are one of the top companies to use in the Charleston area. 

  1. Upload A Fun Music Playlist - Know your group of girls before you download a playlist. Pick some fun genres like classic rock, hip-hop, pop, or country. Before you even go out you could learn a new dance move to take to the dance floor later, or those old school line dances you used to bust out in middle school with your friends! Once the playlist is ready, take it with you on the road in your car service or request one of your old favorites when you are dancing with your friends. 

If your group wants to stay in: 

  1. Prep The Space - If you’re having friends over, you want to make sure our home is clean and welcoming. Well, as clean as you can get it with children! If a movie night is on the agenda, spruce up your living room to make it cozy for the girls. Fluff the pillows, add some fresh flowers, and comfortable and cozy oversized blankets for everyone to grab once the movie starts. You can also add some cute holiday decor if you are planning to get together around the holidays such as custom drink holders or a color theme. 

  1. Snacks - A big dinner is nice, but snacks are your best bet! This makes it fun to prep everything too because I, personally, like to grab a few bites for our night in. It truly does not take much effort to put it together and your friends will really appreciate it too. Make sure to display your snacks on a cute dish or platter though. If you’re making a popcorn bowl, my suggestion would be having a few bowls and dishes for your girlfriends to grab their favorite toppings to add to their popcorn bag. 

  1. Games - When was the last time you sat down and played a game? It’s good to have a few favorites on hand such as Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples or even childhood favorites such as Bop It or Guesstures. It’s such a fun time playing and it doesn’t require a lot of thinking too! Plus, they make for great stories later on! 

  1. Netflix And Chat - Of course we all know Netflix and Chill is a thing but can you really stay quiet when you’re with your friends? A great in-home party idea is a Netflix and Chat party where we watch a popular Netflix series and then talk about it as the episode plays. This might be a good time to let everyone know that there will be talking too so others may not get upset about it. Plus, it’s a great way to get your spouse out of the house or go upstairs so you can all focus on the drama! 

Now that you know a few tips to plan your girls night, in or out, what ideas do you have to plan the perfect night with your friends? No matter what you plan, the true point is making and keeping connections with our favorite gal pals. 

Friendship is truly important and having this planned will go a long way with everyone. Aim to do something like this at least every 3 months. It’s great to keep in touch with everyone and not lose your sense of individuality.