7 Tips to Surviving Business and Life with Anxiety & Depression

Welcome back! 

If you read my last blog post, you know I suffer from Generalized Anxiety and Depression. Having this while running a business, taking care of a family, being pregnant, and trying to still to have a self identity is overwhelming. While I'm not perfect, I found a few tricks to help keep me afloat during the rough times. I hope this will help some of you too =). 

Find A Great Therapist

Okay, this may not be feasible for everyone, but for those that have access to one, use it! You may find the perfect one off the bat, or you may have to "shop" around. Regardless, take advantage of the help if you can get it. I personally loved the ones I came across because they didn't push medication as soon as I told them what was wrong. Every person is different. If you have severe depression or anxiety, it may be your best bet. In the end, you do have control over your life and what you choose to do. 

Have At Least One Dependable Person In Your Corner

It's important to have at least one person in your corner. While a therapist is great, having someone you can call or text anytime, vent to, cry to, laugh with, etc is great for the soul and great for healing. If you feel as though you pushed everyone away, you didn't. Been there, done that. A true friend will be there no matter what. It personally took myself years to learn, but it's not the case with everyone. 

Join Social Media Groups

Maybe you really do not have anyone that understands what you are going through. They have groups on social media that is dedicated to helping and being supportive for those that need it. Yes, I'm saying sometimes talking to strangers can be a good thing. You can even find local groups and meet others that way. Of course, always use caution using the internet. From my experience, some groups were really helpful. I mainly used Facebook when reading and responding to post. 

Write Out Your Worries

Writing can be a huge stress relief. Buy a journal and keep account of everything on your mind. It can be for a release or you can use it to keep list of possible triggers. Whatever the reason, be sure to write it down. 

Keep A Schedule

This may be a little boring, but it is completely necessary. Writing out your days and setting time blocks can make a huge difference. What are time blocks? In simple terms, they are times you set for yourself to get something done. I use this a lot for work. An example would be setting out an hour of time. Out of this hour, I may work for about 45-50 minutes, then I would take a 10-15 minute break until the next hour. You can break this up as small or large as you want. It does not have to be exact, but it does help to keep everything in order. 

Find Time For Yourself

Okay, this is easier said than done. Personally, I am a stay at home mom, so I am constantly around my son. While he's in school, I made sure to set an hour of "me time". I either took a nap, watch Netflix, went to the mall, sat in quiet, etc. Before this pregnancy, I would get up around 5am to sit in quiet to enjoy coffee and roam social media or read articles. When my son is home, we have quiet time for about 30 minutes to an hour. If you don't have that much time, taking two minutes to breathe throughout the day also does wonders! 

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Let's face it. Some days are better than others. Even though I believe I have a good schedule going, there are some days where everything goes out of the window. It's okay to have times like this. We aren't perfect. The key thing is to not let it hold you down to the point where you feel as though you can't regroup. Sometimes crying it out helps. Writing down what is bothering you also helps. Whatever you choose to do, don't allow this moment of weakness take over. 

These tips may have been told over and over again, but they help me keep going when times get a little rough. Do you have any tips you want to share? I would love to read about them in the comments!