Things Get Busy

Hey!! I've missed talking to you all! Things are starting to pick up, which I love! It's also getting close to Spring Break, so I definitely need to figure out a way to stay productive and not have my son bored at the same time. I will be sharing that as that happens. 

I can't believe how good things are going. I have a few pieces of good news I can't speak on too much yet, but I will announce soon! Network month on my page is doing good, and networking in real life is also proving to be awesome!

For my fellow introverts, don't be afraid to step out. I was dreading going to events, but after I went, I felt so accomplished. Start small! There are plenty of smaller events to go to. Joining Facebook groups helped a lot as well. I always get tongue tied when I speak, so it's nice to type out thoughts. 

Well, I wish I had more to say at this point, but I haven't had coffee yet, and I don't need to make this a ramble post. Talk to you soon!