Mother Woes

I completely skipped out yesterday on posting. It was a pretty busy day, but it ended on a good note. 

It's amazing I haven't lost my head yet. Normally, I would try to retreat to my cave (bed), but I just kept it truckin'. Not only that, my son will not have that lol.

Speaking of my son, amidst the working and errands, I received a call from the school he is zoned for that another school opened up a space, and he can start the full time Pre-K there. I was waiting for this moment, but as I watch him play with his trucks outside, I wasn't sure if I was really ready. 

I mean sure, he can get pretty annoying at times lol. With me working from home, some days do get tough between keeping him entertained, and getting enough work done. When I told him that he got a call to go to a bigger school, he was excited. 

I was actually surprised how excited he was. I was letting him know, he would not see his other friends as much anymore among some other things. Still, he was excited. This was another "Ah-ha" moment. My child is really getting bigger. 

I know it would be better for him to be around children and learning during the week, versus the few days and hours he goes to school now. I guess I still see him as a baby at times. The one where we would make up songs in the mirror, dance contest, games, etc. 

They say running a business is hard, which it is. I personally think this is harder 


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