Is this braggy?

I know my title isn't probably a word lol. I did not expect for my business to get the attention it is now. It's super exciting that people actually like my work ethic! Oh, I kind of left yall hanging.. Sorry! The phone calls went awesome! I have another person on board! 

So far, the people I've come across are the best! I cant wait to see how the next few months go. 

Why am I so excited? One, I never thought I would own a business, let alone a virtual one. Two, my nerves get so bad chatting with others, I thought I would turn them away. Third.. Things are going well! 

Omg! I don't think I mentioned it here, but I am now a LLC. I'll be adding team members in the months to come! This is the real exciting part. The only bad thing is I want to help everyone and I know I'll have to turn people away. This is what worries me. Comes with the territory I suppose. 

What I really want to brag about is how much work i get done with my son around? Any other work at home parents? High five to us! This shit is rough, but we keep pushing! For those with no kids, you are still badass! It takes a lot of work to run a business, and here you are doing it. 

Well, I get up early in the morning to do this and sit in silence for like 20 minutes before my family wakes. I'll chat soon! 

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